contact the sook

If you're inquiring about a custom order, please be as detailed as possible - size, colour, style - the more detail, the better! 

Don't be shy asking for accessible pricing, payment plans, or bartering for any skills or art you may make. Indigenous folks are prioritized for accessible pricing requests.

Please be respectful - if you are asking for any labour of me, I have some guidelines:

  • Whether it's a paid opportunity or a donation request. I am proud to regularly support organizations such as Wish Drop-in Centre Society, Salal Sexual Violence Support Centre (formerly WAVAW), Downtown Eastside Women's Centre, and One! International Poverty Relief; I've also donated my work to many mutual aid and community care raffles and giveaways.
  • Requested turnaround time or deadline.
  • I will not create any works which have themes of homophobia, xenophobia, transphobia, anti-Indigenous, anti-science, anti-choice, misogynist, etc. so please don't ask.
  • If you have an interview or workshop request, please include expected readership or attendance, topics covered, and length of time.