Caring for your Purchase

  • Avoid getting wet as this may damage the threads holding your piece together - if it does get wet, dry with a soft cloth and lay flat to dry
  • Avoid pulling at the fringe of earrings or hitting against hard surfaces as most beads are made of glass and they could crack
  • Store in a dry area out of direct sunlight- some beads are NOT colorfast and may fade if they’re stored in sunlight. Fringe earrings benefit from being laid flat during storage. 
  • Don’t sleep with your pieces on!


    All orders are shipped using Canada Post within 3 days of payment. Please ensure you double check your shipping info on checkout. If a package is returned due to incorrect info, I’ll refund your item or send out at additional expense. 

    If you choose untracked shipping, it’s at your own risk. I have no means of tracking it on my end. To date, I've never had a single package go missing - although a few have definitely taken the scenic route!


    Due to the personal nature, I am unable to accept returns on earrings. You may exchange pendants and other non-earring pieces for another item or put the amount towards a custom project.



    Don’t be a sook about it! I’m happy to complete any simple repairs needed as long as shipping is covered by you. If a piece has more than half of the components missing, let’s talk about the cost. Send me an email! 

    Custom Orders

    I love custom orders! Just send me a message with what you were thinking of in terms of length, motif, materials, colour inspirations, etc and I’ll get back to you for pricing and further clarification. I’ll then accept a 50% deposit, complete a digital mock-up of your design, (including a colour palette) for your approval.

    Any of my designs are available to be commissioned with your own colour scheme.

    As with any ethical creator, I won’t recreate another artist’s work! The only exception to this rule is if it’s an heirloom design from your family. Even then, I’d prefer to be inspired by the design instead of a bead-by-bead replica.

    Trades? Lower prices?

    It's important to me that I balance respecting and valuing my expertise and time with making my work accessible - especially to lower-income and/or BIPOC folks.  That being said, I love sporting others' artwork and would be more than happy to do a trade of services or products with you! 

    If you head to the page of the product you’re interested in, you’ll find a link to “Baartr” with me. Submit your idea and I’ll get back to you within a few days. 


    Who created the logo?

    The inimitable Kata Law! You can find and support her work on Patreon and her paint creations at Wanderlust Watercolours 


    What is a sook?!

    I used to think that Sook was such an East Coast Canada colloquialism, but maybe not?! Also known as sulk, suck, sooky, etc.

    I’m a sook over beads. I diiiies at them. 

    Definition of sook - crybaby